Best way to massage your sexual partner

Giving your partner a massage (yes, it is important to give as well as get) isn't just an act of kindness and love, but it is the best foreplay.  By utilizing touch, lighting candles, and anointing your partner with acrylic, a massage is as sensuous as it gets. Fortunately, you can get both.

Whether you plan on integrating a happy ending or oiled-up gender in your rub down, the familiarity advantages of learning how to provide a proper massage are boundless.  To begin, if you are considering the kinky elements of massage, your partner masseuse connection is a really enjoyable situation for role-playing.

Naturally, tapping into your inner masseuse is not always straightforward.  So we talked to some professional massage therapists to round up the top tips on giving somebody a relaxing, romantic, sensual massage that will leave them wishing for longer.

While we are arguably more responsible for and confident about our sexuality than ever, there is still so much we do not know about male stimulation.  So this month, we are exploring all you want and need to learn about how males get turned on today.

Go slow

Slow and steady does win the race.  A sensuous massage is no fun if you rush through it.

Explore the amount of their body and blend up your chest and their intensity.  Tantalise and torture and your partner will soon be putty in your hands.

Use massage oils.

For extreme pleasure and sex enjoyment, you need a full body massage, and that's the reason why you shouldn't forget about good massage oils.

You only need a tiny bit -- just a few drops in your hands to begin with, and add more if you would like a bit more slipperiness.

If you are going to give her a literal full-body massage, including lady bits, Candice proposes using coconut oil.

You know, because it smells good, it is natural, and it will not throw her off PH level down there.


Utilize the power of aromatherapy to set a relaxing mood for your sensual massage.  Essential oils do not only offer soothing scents but act as aphrodisiacs also.  Allow the smell to permeate the space before your partner enters.  To create your erotic sensual massage much more unique you can use aroma oils in calming scents or aromatic lotion to use on their body.

Body Massage Tips & Techniques

How to Give a Full Body Massage

 You may want to pay close attention to the origin of it.  It is not a well-known place, but when you master the technique you will be in pure paradise.  "You need to massage the area where the chunks link to the perineum," Scales states.  "To do so, cup their balls in your hand with your palms facing their butt.  Use the strategies or pads to press upwards, into his or her body.  This part of the body can handle a good deal of pressure, so play with various senses -- think tickling, pressing rhythmically, and kneading

Start massaging their naughty bits.

As you've teased your partner long enough, now you should touch the hot parts of your body and gently rub with a soft hand.  By this point you need to get in sexual tension, so even touching them gently will be sufficient to arouse your sexual partner ecstatically.  Just start slow circular motions on your partner's penis or start giving him a soft hand job, where you are can touch her boobs or his penis.  Now you can do it for at least 15 to 20 minutes or you can do more, whether that means digital penetration, a firmer hand job, or oral.

The Nipples

Male nipples: character's enigma.  There's not any demand for them in the evolutionary sense, but, man, oh, man, do some guys have some sensitive nips.

Caress them with a light touch, or pinch your guy's nipple to warm up the blood.  Play with the strain to find out what your man savers.

Relaxation and sex go hand in hand.

Naturally, sex is a powerful stress reducer by itself.

But if fear of functionality issues makes it harder for you to get turned on, a pleasant, relaxing hot massage can help take the edge off your anxiety -- and that may be just what you will need to get going.

Only melt into your mattress as your spouse rubs away your tension.  You may even find that you get aroused even before you reach the sexy part, and there is a very good reason for that

After Your Sexy Massage

Sexy massage is a fantastic way to show your affection to your partner in addition to bond together emotionally and physically.

After a wonderful massage session, take a little time to bask together in the air of relaxation and calm.

You might want to cuddle for a little while or take a luxurious bath or hot shower together.  You also may want to turn up the heat and advancement to sex too, whatever you are in the mood.