Shower Sex Positions

If you have ever had shower sex which made you feel as a moist shivering, enjoyable, you are not alone. Getting filthy in the area that makes you clean is a lot more complex than any other bedroom or resort.

Water isn't a lubricant--in actuality, it can make you feel much more dry than moist and last but not least, there's absolutely nothing hot about accidentally carrying a spoonful of warm water up your nose or on your mouth when you are attempting to acquire pleasure.

However, before you cross off shower sex your sex bucket checklist once and for all, you might choose to give it another go. Shower sex can be quite hot since it's a feeling of urgency for this --you are not likely to remain in there for one hour. Hot water is both relaxing and sensuous, and watching each other nude and wet may be a massive turn-on.

Here we are giving you some positions that you can try in the shower

Sensual Shower

While standing and facing each other, the girl wraps her leg onto her partner's waist and hugs him. The man needs to then put his right hand below the lady's thigh so as to add equilibrium and to secure the woman prior to entering her. This leaves his other hand free to caress and explore her body.

Standing Doggy Style

The way to do it: With your partner , bend over whether they distract you from this particular angle. You'll certainly need to secure yourself with all the shower or the floor of the bathtub, based on what's most comfortable for you and your versatility selection.

Why it is great for your shower? I feel as though standing places just look like the instantly go-to in regards to shower gender. But some are more viable than others. This one, in particular, makes sense since you get to lean something , hopefully, stop you from fallingout.

Mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation is potentially the most underrated sex activity and while this one may look more like foreplay; you could ensure it is gratifying as hell. It is a terrific way to show your partner how you want to be touched. Additionally, it permits them to see you getting off (and vice versa). There is something additional alluring and exciting about finding out what every other appreciates, minus the penetration. If you are by yourself, you are able to take additional delight in familiarizing yourself. Take your time researching what seems best.

The Tabletop

Another sex position in case you have got a shower seat: The receiver lies in their back in the edge of the seat with their legs off the seat, Rosario clarifies. "They can put their legs onto the penetrating partner's torso to better manage the depth and speed of thrusts


Rubbing while standing up could be highly stimulating. Use your hands to stimulate your partner's body like chest, back, stomach, and inner thighs. Genital rubbing may even excite an orgasm. Push your hips back and forth for additional friction. Take part in singing and caressing while keeping your partner's body close to yours.

Don’t rule out oral

Penetrative sex is not the only way to have fun in the shower. Take turns giving kneeling oral, while one of you keeps your spine into the water. In this manner, you will each get your time to relish the shower pressure, and also to delight your partner mesmerized by mouthfuls of warm water.

On your knees

Even the'giver' can squat, kneel or choose any other place which permits them to pleasure their partner. Make the room warm and steamy with this, to guarantee the individual on the giving end does not get overly cold.The key for this place is making certain that whoever is getting oral sex is standing, together with the shower flow hitting their spine, to protect whoever's giving enjoyment from any undesirable consequences.

Shower Head

In case you've got a removable shower head, it is time to put it to use. Have the man receiving oral sex stand at a comfy, rugged position for them. This may imply standing on 2 feet, leaning against a wall socket, or wrap one foot round their spouse. Afterward, the other spouse can bend to give them some badly spa head.